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Text to 3D

Text to 3D

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on generating 3D models from text prompts using 3D AI Studio.

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Step 1: Accessing Text to 3D Workspace

Navigate to the Text to 3D section found on the left sidebar of the 3D AI Studio platform.

Step 2: Entering Your Prompt

In the prompt box, describe the object you want to generate. Be as specific as possible, mentioning attributes like shape, color, and size.

Step 3: Generating the Model

After entering your prompt, hit the “Generate” button. Your generated models will be available in the “Home section.

Step 4: Remesh Your Model

Choose from the generated preview models and select 'Remesh' for further customization. If the initial models don't meet your expectations, you can 'Regenerate'.

Step 5: Exploring the Remeshed Model

Examine the remeshed model in the 3D viewer, where you can adjust settings for a better preview!

Step 6: Downloading Your Model

Download your 3D model by clicking the ‘Download’ button, choosing your preferred format.