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Image to 3D

Image to 3D

This guide explains how to transform images into 3D models using 3D AI Studio.

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Step 1: Accessing Image to 3D Workspace

Select the Image to 3D option in the platform's sidebar.

Step 2: Uploading Your Image

Upload the image you want to convert into a 3D model. Ensure the image follows the recommended guidelines for the best results. (PNG or JPG/JPEG) You can enhance the precision of our AI's 3D model generation by utilizing tools like This helps to clearly define the specific portion of the image you wish to transform into a 3D model.

Step 3: Setting Parameters (Beta)

Choose whether to generate PBR maps alongside your model for enhanced texturing and realism.

Step 4: Exploring the Generated Model

View the generated model, adjusting settings for optimal visualization.

Step 5: Downloading Your Assets

Download the generated 3D model and any textures by clicking the ‘Download’ button.