Main Features

Main Features of 3D AI Studio

3D AI Studio offers a suite of powerful features designed to simplify the process of creating high-quality 3D models. Whether you're a designer, developer, or creative professional, our AI-powered tool is equipped to transform your ideas into detailed 3D assets swiftly. Here's a breakdown of the core features:

Text to 3D Model

  • Description: Transform textual descriptions into detailed 3D models within seconds. Ideal for users who wish to convert their ideas into 3D forms without needing extensive modeling experience.
  • Use Case: Perfect for generating characters, objects, or any specific model based on a descriptive prompt.
  • Speed: Generates models in 5-15 seconds, depending on complexity.

Image to 3D Model

  • Description: Convert images into 3D models quickly and efficiently. This feature allows users to create 3D assets from 2D images, enhancing the creative workflow.
  • Use Case: Suitable for creating 3D models from concept art, photographs, or any 2D representation.
  • Speed: Completes the generation process in under 25 seconds.

3D Stager with 3D Model to Image Generator (Beta)

  • Description: Utilize the 3D Stager to arrange and manipulate generated 3D models to create dynamic scenes. This feature also includes an image generator that transforms these scenes into high-quality images.
  • Use Case: Ideal for visualizations, creating digital art, or scene setups for gaming and VR experiences.
  • Functionality: Offers intuitive tools for model placement, lighting adjustments, and camera settings to craft the perfect scene.

High-Quality Textures and 3D Print-Ready Models

  • Description: All generated models come with high-resolution textures and are optimized for 3D printing.
  • Use Case: Ensures models are ready for applications ranging from digital visualization to physical 3D printing without additional processing.

Subscription Plans and User Support

  • Description: Begin your journey with our free plan! For those requiring more extensive usage, we provide various subscription plans offering a set number of generations per month, high-quality model generation, and support for multiple file formats including FBX, STL, and OBJ. Premium support and a 14-day money-back guarantee are included to ensure user satisfaction.
  • Support: Dedicated email support with a promise of response within 1-2 business days.

3D AI Studio is continuously evolving, with plans to expand its library and enhance its features, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of AI-driven 3D modeling technology. For more information or assistance, contact us at