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Prompt Guidelines

Prompt Guidelines

Enhance the outcomes of your AI-generated models and textures by crafting effective prompts.

Basic Prompts

  • Describe the object clearly and concisely.
  • Include key attributes like shape, color, size, and style.
  • 3D AI Studio supports multiple languages as input prompts.

Advanced Prompts

  • Be specific and descriptive without being overly verbose.
  • Mention desired details, styles, and any particular lighting conditions.


  • Good Prompt: "A sleek, modern chair with a glossy red finish and chrome legs."
  • Poor Prompt: "A chair."

Useful Terms for Enhanced Results

Here we have some useful terms that may help improve the result you're gonna get:

Related to detail

  • highly detailed
  • high resolution
  • highest quality
  • best quality
  • 4K, 8K
  • HDR, studio quality

Related to style

  • beautiful
  • elegant
  • realistic
  • ultra realistic
  • trending on artstation
  • masterpiece
  • cinema 4d
  • unreal engine
  • octane render

Related to lighting

  • ambient lighting
  • soft lighting
  • sunlight
  • moonlight
  • fluorescent
  • glowing

Example Prompt

A futuristic robot, highly detailed, 8K resolution, HDR, ambient and soft lighting, ultra realistic, trending on artstation.